Haotong Lin

I am a PhD student in Computer Science at Zhejiang University, advised by Prof. Xiaowei Zhou. I obtained my bachelor degree in Computer Science from Zhejiang University in 2021.

My current research focuses on 3D/4D reconstruction.

Email: haotongl@outlook.com




  1. High-Fidelity and Real-Time Novel View Synthesis for Dynamic Scenes
    Haotong Lin, Sida Peng, Zhen Xu, Tao Xie, Xingyi He, Hujun Bao, and Xiaowei Zhou
    In SIGGRAPH Asia 2023
  2. Neural Scene Chronology
    Haotong Lin, Qianqian Wang, Ruojin Cai, Sida Peng, Hadar Averbuch-Elor, Xiaowei Zhou, and Noah Snavely
    In CVPR 2023
  3. AutoRecon: Automated 3D Object Discovery and Reconstruction
    Yuang Wang, Xingyi He, Sida Peng, Haotong Lin, Hujun Bao, and Xiaowei Zhou
    In CVPR 2023
  4. Painting 3D Nature in 2D: View Synthesis of Natural Scenes from a Single Semantic Mask
    Shangzhan Zhang, Sida Peng, Tianrun Chen, Linzhan Mou, Haotong Lin, Kaicheng Yu, Yiyi Liao, and Xiaowei Zhou
    In CVPR 2023


  1. Efficient Neural Radiance Fields for Interactive Free-viewpoint Video
    Haotong Lin, Sida Peng, Zhen Xu, Yunzhi Yan, Qing Shuai, Hujun Bao, and Xiaowei Zhou
  2. Neural 3D Scene Reconstruction With the Manhattan-World Assumption
    Haoyu Guo, Sida Peng, Haotong Lin, Qianqian Wang, Guofeng Zhang, Hujun Bao, and Xiaowei Zhou
    In CVPR 2022
  3. Learning to Estimate Object Poses without Real Image Annotations
    Haotong Lin, Sida Peng, Zhize Zhou, and Xiaowei Zhou
    In IJCAI 2022


  1. PVNet: Pixel-Wise Voting Network for 6DoF Object Pose Estimation
    Sida Peng, Xiaowei Zhou, Yuan Liu, Haotong Lin, Qixing Huang, and Hujun Bao
    TPAMI 2021
[06/2022 - 12/2022] Research Intern, Cornell University
[10/2021 - 04/2022] Research Intern, Tao Technology Department, Alibaba Group
[12/2020 - 03/2021] Algorithm Engineer Intern, Inceptio Technology